Connecting Your iPod to Your Car

By Bob BJ Brown

Generally there are various approaches to hook up your iPod device to your motor vehicle and listen to your own popular music on the road, hinging on precisely how much money you really want to shell out as well as what the condition of your automobile stereo is. The ideal method, nevertheless, to hook up your iPod device to your auto is usually to use one of three speedy fixes that is not going to cost you much, however, might still get you high-quality sound on the road.

Cassette Adapter

1. For you to avoid the actual cost associated with upgrading your pre-installed vehicle stereo with an iPod-compatible one, if you have an older car and have got a tape deck installed, you could make use of a cassette adapter. Two popular products, according to CNET, tend to be the Belkin Auto Cassette Adapter and the Griffin Intelligent Smart Deck Adapter. They cost about $10 to $20. You simply put the tape in your tape deck and hook the attached cord into your own iPod’s headphone jack.

Auxiliary Input Jacks

2. If you have got a more recent car, your stereo may include a line-in auxiliary input jack. All you need to buy is an auxiliary cable, which you may obtain at any consumer electronics retail outlet. Hook one end into the auxiliary input and the other into your mp3 player. Turn your stereo on “Aux” and the music will play directly from your own stereo.

FM Transmitters

3. In the event that your own automobile contains neither some sort of cassette deck nor auxiliary input jack, connect your mp3 player by means of an FM transmitter. There are several to select from. CNET’s foremost choice is the DLO Transpod. It plugs in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and your current iPod plugs in through a USB port. This model may also charge your iPod whilst it’s being used, and offers a cradle for the iPod. It operates through streaming the audio to the stereo by means of a radio signal on a particular frequency. It might be inexpensive and simple to use, but will sometime lack in reasonable quality due to radio interference.

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